Launched VitalFrog alpha1 min read

After finish a huge frontend rework in my main job to get our core web vitals in shape, we thought that we are finally done with the project.

About a month later we saw our Google rankings dropping again and figured during product upgrades we increased the CLS again. The fix took us like 2 hours, but due to the 28 days window of the Google Data, it took us close to another month to actually recover from this drop.

Researching for monitoring options, I found different suboptimal solutions, which all were either loosing out on data or required a massive effort to actually put in place.
This is where the idea for VitalFrog came from: A simple-to-use tool that emails you alert if your web vitals get worse.
After about two months of working on VitalFrog this is the day I finally was able to get the site live.

The product is still in alpha phase and actually the core value proposition: Email alerts are not implemented yet. But for the alerts to actually be valuable it makes sense for the customers to join anyway as in order to figure out a performance regression VitalFrog needs some historical data.

Quite proud to have this out the door, and now I have to focus on getting people on the product 😀

Would be really lovely if you would check it out. If you do technical SEO it is definitely a tool that will improve your day-2-day quality of life as you will not have to check the Google Performance dashboard every other day.